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Kyoritsu Kikai Co.,Ltd.has learned and manufactured lots with development of Japanese shipbuilding industry.Up to this date that Japan ranks first in the world shipbuilding industry,we have developed and manufactured quality products aiming at contribution to the marine transportation in the world.

Our history lasts for 60 years,during which we have introduced aluminum windows,aluminum doors,aluminum fisher‐ boats,aluminum high-speed boats,aluminum boats,aluminum sunroof with glass pane,aluminum superstructures,accommodation ladder systems,provision cranes,shore gangways,Ro/Ro equipment,hatch covers,watertight sliding doors,side port doors (shell doors),bulkhead doors,and the like and are enjoying good reputation.

Especially,accommodation ladders,windows and doors for marine use and watertight sliding doors have a 70%market shares in Japan and rank second to none in the world.

For the rest of products,we are always concentrating our efforts aiming to have a marketshare of more than 50%under the motto to “supply quality products to delivery date”as the world leading Kyoritsu.

Outline Of Company

Established October 1,1957
Office & Plant

Main Office & Plant
1-45,Minami 4-chome,Mihara,Hiroshima Pref.723-0052,Japan

Tokyo Office
SHINBASHI MM BLDG.8F 18-14 shinbashi 1-chome,minatoku,Tokyo Pref. 105-0004,Japan

Onomichi Plant
32-17 Shotoku-cho,Onomichi,Hiroshima Pref.722-0004,Japan
Facsimile:(0848)24 -2140

Onomichi No.1 Plant
32-9 Shotoku-cho,Onomichi,Hiroshima Pref.722-0004 ,Japan

Onomichi No.2 Plant A,Plant B,Plant C
535-20 Shotoku-cho,Onomichi,Hiroshima Pref.722-0004 ,Japan

Onomichi No.3 Plant
25-17 Shotoku-cho,Onomichi,Hiroshima Pref.722-0004 ,Japan

Onomichi No.4 Plant
29-2 Shotoku-cho,Onomichi,Hiroshima Pref.722-0004,Japan

No.5 Plant
20-1 Kihara 4-chome,Miharachi,Hiroshima Pref.729-0321,Japan
535-14 Shotoku-cho,Onomichi,Hiroshima Pref.722-0004,Japan

Itosaki Plant
9-25 Itosakiminami 2-chome,Mihara,Hiroshima Pref.729-0329,Japan
Facsimile:(0848)67 -5311

Shimonoseki Plant
9-12,Hikoshima Tanokubi-cho 1-chome,Shimooseki,Yamaguchi Pref.750-0085,Japan

Paid-up Capital


Annual Sales


Board of Directors

President Yoshitaka Ikeuchi
Director Kiyoshi Kawasaki
Auditor Akifumi Seo


Engineers,salesmen / 64 Clerks / 15 Workers / 101 Total / 180


Japanese Marine Equipment Association
Marine Equipment Association In Chugoku-Restrit
Japan Light Metal Welding & construction Association Onomichi Marine Engine Industrial Co-operation.


NK Authorized Plant for Steel Welding
JG Authorized Plant for Aluminium Welding


THE Momiji Bank Mihara Branch
Shimanami Shin-kin,Bank Minami Branch
Shokochukin,Bank Fukuyama Branch

Access Map(Main Office & Plant)

Particulars of Plant and Offices

Main Office & Plant 【Site】5,927m²
Onomichi No.1 Plant 【Site】1,598m²
Onomichi No.2 Plant A 【Site】1,883m²
Onomichi No.2 Plant B 【Site】1,795m²
Onomichi No.3 Plant 【Site】2,730m²
Onomichi No.4 Plant 【Site】3,473m²
No.5 Plant 【Site】10,860m²
Itosaki Plant 【Site】3,812m²
【Materials Catting Plant】2,014m²
Shimonoseki Plant 【Site】133,581m²
【Materials Catting Plant】3,638m²
【Surface Treatment & Painting Plant】2,632m²
Total 【Site】165,659m²

History Of Company

  1935 The late Mr .Yoshito Ikeuchi started to supply labor(workers)to shipyards throughout the Chugoku District under the name of “Ikeuchi-gumi”
  1941 With the establishment of Mihara Works.
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. Co.,Ltd., started a private company as their subsidiary in the compound of Mitsubishi.
October 1950 Purchased a machine shop at Nishi-machi in Mihara and started machining operation under thename of “Kyoritsu Kikai Seisakusho”.
May 1952 Added sheet metal processing to the line of business.
October 1955 In order to meet the remarkable increase of work for sheet metal processing, purchased a new land of 2,116 m² at 1208, Minami-cho, Mihara, where Sheet Metal Processing Department moved.
October 1957 Reorganized a corporation as Kyoritsu Kikai Co.,Ltd. and Mr. Yoshito Ikeuchi took up the post as the President. Capital :¥2,500,000.-
June 1958 Developed hydraulic equipment and started to sell them.
December 1959 Machining Department moved to the place of sheet metal processing.
December 1960 Purchased adjacent land of 1,233 m² at 1210, Minami-cho, Mihara to come up with expansion of business.
February 1964 Paid-up capital increased to ¥5,000,000.
April 1964 Newly established Aluminium Machining Department to manufacture marine aluminium windows and doors.
August 1965 Purchased land of 5,741 m² at 878, Minami-cho, Mihara, to expand the site of factory .
June 1968 Paid-up capital increased to ¥7,500,000.
August 1968 Agreement made with Nikkei Aluminium Co.,Ltd. & Nikkei Shoji Co,.Ltd. on aluminium machining techniques to strengthen the manufacture and sale of aluminium products.
September 1968 Developed Kyoritsu type accommodation ladders and started to manufacture sell on full scale.
April 1969 In order to meet the increased demand of aluminium products, No.2 plant (building area; 1,188 m²)was built at 878, Minama-cho, Mihara, for manufacture of large equipment.
June 1969 Paid-up capital increased to ¥10,000,000.
March 1973 To cope with increase of demand for accommodation ladders, No.2 plant was expanded by 780m².
June 1973 Mr. Yoshiharu Ikeuchi took up the post as the President.
June 1976 Technical agreement made with AB Welin, Sweden, on accommodation ladders, boat davits, cranes, etc. and established Welin Japan, Tokyo.
  1977 Purchased a seaside land of 1,598 m² at Shotoku-cho, Onomichi.
June 1978 Paid-up capital increased to ¥20,000,000.
August 1979 Technical agreement made with Cargospeed Equipment Ltd., Scotland, U.K. on Ro/Ro equipment .
October 1988 Built Onomichi plant (a seasideplant) at Shotoku-cho, Onomichi, and started the operation .
November 1992 Built Onomichi No.2 Plant at Shotoku-cho, Onomichi, and started the operation.
April 1994 Closed Kihara plant and integrated it to Onomichi plant.
September 1996 Purchased a plant with site (2,730m²) at shotoku-cho, Onomichi and started operations as Onomichi No.3 Plant.
June 1999 Started preparatory activities to acquire the certification under ISO 9001.
August 2001 Purchased a plant with site (1,795m²) at shotoku-cho, Onomichi and started operations as Onomichi No.2 Plant B.
November 2001 Acquire ISO 9001 certificartion.
June 2002 Rebuilt an old machining shop at main plant and started operations as a new plant(Window Division) Newly installed alumite treatment facility and started as “Alumite Division”.
June 2002 Purchased a plant of (3,473m²) to rebuild Onomichi no.4 Plant and started operations.
June 2003 Established Tokyo Office.
October 2005 Purchased a plant with site (10,860m²) at kihara-cho, Mihara and shotoku-cho, Onomichi and started operations, as No.5 Plant.
November 2005 Add it to main plant and build head office ridge.
November 2008 Purchased the site (133,581m²) at Hikoshima Tanokubi-cho,Shimonoseki.
January 2009 Purchased the site (3,812m²) at Itosaki, Mihara and build Itosaki Plant and started operations.
April 2009 it s established a design section newly by the Tokyo office.
August 2010 2nd construction of Shimonoseki plant completed. Hatch Covers and RO-RO System production started.
September 2010 Mr. Yoshitaka Ikeuchi took up the post as the Ptesident.



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